The reign of twitter in terms of microblogging came to an end. One of the main reasons to this event include the rise of another; more funny way of sharing your thoughts in snipppets with friends and the world, plurk. Besides the fact that plurk came up, the server problems that twitter encountered have also contributed to it’s fall in this specific field.

But let’s stop all the talk about Twitter and start discussing our main concern here, Plurk.

Unlike all other competition, it is Plurk which initiated a innovative system of keeping in touch with your friends. And that via a handy time line wherein you can check out all plurks of your friends, your own plurks, private sent plurks and plurks that you have responded to, to keep track of additional plurkplies made. And if I say, time line, then I really mean a time line, a systematic order that truly beats Twitter by far.

Both big names (twitter and plurk) don’t differ much in the basic needs for a micro blogger who would like to keep in touch with friends, family and whoever else out there. But Plurk got something way beyond it! The Karma System makes it even more fun to reply to other people’s plurk, adding more friends, and plurking interesting stuff. And it also proves effective to reduce spam. While at the other hand, Twitter appears very very spammy, and all that I’ve got on my profile are automated twits created by a plugin (like Twittertools) notifying me of new replies of the blogs of those who I am following. (Hey, what’s the use of the RSS for that matter?)

I don’t really understand what sense it makes to microblog about a blog post of yours. It may be good to share a good post here and there, but all the time may really get annoying.
Customization on plurk comes also handy, with a lot of pre-made and ready to install designs already available out there. All that you need is just a single click to get it activated, doesn’t that sound great?

If time would only allow me, I’d like to discuss the whole day through about this awesome (kind of social network) that kept me busy all afternoon long for a couple of times already; but time doesn’t allows me so. Let me invite you to start the PLURKathon now and be one of the thousands who are already part of this nice community. Plurk!