We write the 24th of March back then; when my former Plurk Crush was in pain, in vain and shared her poignant emotions with me. We’ve been knowing each other for a while on plurk -she added me, first- but we never had a good conversation with each other. Mainly because she’s been asking me load once or twice which definitely was for her boylet back then, and of course, because she had a boylet back then. But everything was about to change, her destiny, my destiny, the 24th of March marked the day when we talked for the very first time and enjoyed a lengthy intimate and humorous discussion like never before.

Some might say that I was obliged, or should I say -napilitan- to call her up, but surely I wasn’t. I made her cry that night because of the thousands of questions that I have thrown up against her about what has happened to her during a recent past experience. But when I knew that she was crying, I just had to wrap up my last few cents on Paypal and get myself loaded by my online loader to be able to call this girl. And then we started talking, talking, and talking.

On the following day, we were still on the phone, the 25th early morning around 4:00AM, the momentous moment when the word TedeebHurR has been invented, which spelling is courtesy of my wild imagination and the word courtesy of her childish mind. I got used calling her that way and that particular word kept bugging me day in and day out. Feelings for her seeded deeply in my heart and truly, Plurk moves in mysterious ways.

I had two ex-girlfriend already from plurk, both who were from Davao City, Philippines as well. But it just didn’t seem to work out and it was likely, that those relationships would drown under water, yet this time, despite the distant seas that part us, we defy everything that I have came along before. This feeling of being able to trust someone you have not really met yet, the feeling that someone is faithful to you, loves you and truly cares about you. I have felt this way once, but never with someone on Plurk and I was seeking for a person who might make me feel this special again and I almost lost hope until Graceanne crossed my path.

My in real life friends, Princess, Joseph, Kaye and several others warned me before I’d go ahead and engage into something like this. “She might be young, but she might be fooling you, too.” “Panakipbutas ka lang ho” and other discouraging words. But I ignored all of their sayings and defied my best friend for the very first time to take the risk and let my back then invented tedeebhurr know that I love her. Since a week and some time ago, I’ve been starting to tell her the magic words I Love You each time before we’d sleep and before we’d hang up the last call, until one day we ended up in a drama-session.

I don’t know how we came that far, but it looks like it was finally the time, the time for both of us to decide whether to hold on or to let go. And all I knew to accompany those moments of pain was the song “Take me as I am” with the lines that struck me most “Take me as I am ’cause I’m going, I was too scared to start now I’m too scared to let go..“. She shared to me how she felt for me, and slipped a few words that have taken heck the worst out of me and squeezed tears out from my eyes -now I’m getting cheesy- while in the midst of my response to whatever unpleasant she’s been telling me I overheard a few words coming out from her mouth which go: Mahal Kita. And I went, WTF?! She loves me? Just like I have shouted out on Plurk on that very early morning of the 26th May.

I have let her repeat those words over and over again and even recorded a ringing tone when she said Love na Love na Love 25x over and over again :p I had to make her say it as often as she could -because it feels good- and because I really wanted to reassure that she isn’t saying it because she’s sleepy or anything.

On the same day when she told me those words the very first time she officially became mine, I asked her, she said yes, and both of us share joyful emotions that time that words can’t define. And again, each time when I look back to what has happened. Knowing that we just met on Plurk since the 10th Month of 2008 without sharing a word or two until the recent 24th March of 2009 all that I can say about this is, that PLURK moves in mysterious ways. Although, I really wished I’ve known her better, way before…

I Love You Graxxie 🙂