I think it’s no secret to anyone that my go-to *thing* for gaming is my beloved 5th. gen iPod touch. I play everything on it. Everything. Yet whenever my little iPod is taking a nap (charging, you know), there are a few other places that I look out to for playing games – and one of them is the official playberry site.

While Playberry is still in beta, it already comes with a huge catalog of flash games to choose from which you can enjoy – most notably, there’s an Angry Birds Online game for those unfortunate, and shameful bastards that haven’t taking it for a spin yet. (Seriously, who hasn’t played Angry Birds yet?)

It’s easy to register to the site, you can either do so with an email address or conveniently connect your Facebook profile to playberry and get started playing. Even at its very young beta stage, the site look promising and is frequently adding more games for you to enjoy, and not just that… there’s this social feature about it that makes it standout from other sites offering free online games.

Every user registered to playberry gets his own profile. You can add information to it, you can enlist your favorite games for your friends to see, and you can comment on each other’s profile if that’s your kind of thing. It’s pretty much close to being the hangout hub for your free gaming urge! What are you waiting for? Try it out now, and don’t forget to comment on my profile!