I had reminded you weeks, no months before.. that I am planning to hand over Pinoy Teens Online to someone who in my belief will be able to continue with what I have started with. I disclosed to you that I wish that particular person to be someone I know well about and someone who I can entrust my late-childhood hobby and love. I had a few people on my mind already, but it is more than surprising to myself that I opted for another person to take lead. And that would be none else but the owner of prinsesa.me.

To provide you a brief background about her, Princess Salan; she is one of the people that I have great confidence in, who show great potential in carrying the additional load, the additional responsibility to author Pinoy Teens Online. Another key reason why I had chosen this girl (aside from her age and positive feedback of willingness to pursue the role) is that she’s one very important person in my life and I’m certain that I won’t be the only one now who will treat Pinoy Teens important, since she’d probably do so too.

I made this decision after hours of mental masturbation and keenly analysis of the present situation I’m in by observing the people that I thought of to be good enough for this job. I know, Pinoy Teens might not mean a lot to most of you, but to me it does. And to help me make Pinoy Teens a blog, a resource of credibile information and content again, I decided to leave the blog to the next closest person to me.

I want to keep talking and talking about reasons why I chose her above other people and why I’m making such a dramatic issue about all this. But let me instead finish this post by saying that I hope you will continue to read Pinoy Teens Online and enjoy great content coming not only from me now, but the new owner (and my present girl) Princess Salan. 🙂 Finally, Pinoy Teens is ruled by a Teen again.

Watch out for content by the new admin within the next few weeks when everything is polished and settled. 🙂