I’m so excited for one of our members, actually our head administrator right now. Because he, Kevin Paquet will be heading to Manila this morning at around 10AM via Cebu Pacific, which will be followed by his flight to Kuala Lumpur a day after at 4PM from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 via Malaysia Airlines.

Kevin will be our representative to the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 in Kuala Lumpur which is sponsored by the South East Asian Youth for Change Movement that has been talked about the past month and a half, or even more.

Pinoy Teens Online has been a Youth Partner to the Summit for over a month and has been partly taking actions in taking care of the Facebook account and helped spreading the word to more and more youths within our city of origin and elsewhere. Aside from the pre-Summit events, Pinoy Teens beholds its commitment to continue support and contribute to the SEA Change Movement by hosting events within Davao City as Kevin along with his doings has already claimed recognition from the city when he stepped into the Sanggunian–asking for financial aid of any kind. He is set to receive an award from the City Councilors upon his return to Davao City and probable support from the SK for events that may be launched after the YES2009.