We are now back. Back with a new set of contributors, and 3 new administrators in charge of the website. Three people who will lead and be the key for the future of this website.

The whole Pinoy Teens Online project isn’t a joke. It is something serious. Our worth, reputation and achievements are backing that fact. If no one would have taken our essence of existence seriously, then we would not have become one of the very few Philippine based Youth Partners to the Youth Engagement Summit 2009, last November.

It makes me feel sad, that the person behind everything here, the one true leader is going to on-leave. He has other things to take care of right now. Not that he thinks Pinoy Teens is a less-important project of his, it is just that other things, let’s say, education need utmost attention of his at present.

Yours truly, Pioneer and founding member, Princess Quin is asking your help and cooperation in creating this website to one of those big ones in the Philippine Blogo-sphere that we used to be. I am in need of a handful of new administrators and contributors. People who are willing to dedicate and effort into this website. Those we can trust in, those we can rely on.

Remember, that we are not only representing the Pinoy Teens Online Community to the world, but the whole Filipino Youth here on teens.com.ph to every writing that we publish.