I’m delighted to inform all of you that the Philippine Teens Media / Pinoy Teens Online Community will be present during the Blog Fest in General Santos City this coming Eleventh of December.
Yours truly will be accompanied by Princess Salan, another contributor of our community.
[notification type=”info”] We’re highly looking forward to the event, especially knowing that events hosted by the bloggers of General Santos always end up with a bang. The most notable event that I have attended yet around that area was the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit two years ago, and the Summer Safari which took place amidst this year. [/notification]
You can look at this event from so many perspectives, you can speculate all you can about what will await you, but you’ll never know what’s really going to happen then. Both of us are very excited to to meet fellow bloggers from Mindanao at the said occasson and we’re very excited to make our first trip out of town as a duo from the Pinoy Teens Community.
Princess and I will be joined by almost all the most active members of the Davao Bloggers Community, this includes but is not limited to the ace Lyle Santos, Ate Dulce and Kuya Faust. Another member of ours is still uncertain if he’s going or not and is known under the name of RockingJournal.Com.