For years, Pinoy Teens radiated potential, authority and credibility – all that is slowly fading away into an old legacy, but not just yet.

Pinoy Teens has finally claimed the much needed attention from the founding trio that started it all, that’s Izy Mae, Princess Kaye and of course, Georg Kevin. It’s far from where it used to be though.

The important fact is, that they are working on the blog again, and that Kevin is also doing things in the local scene. Categories have been rearranged, new ones have been added and even the site became a facelift.

It’s the first time that Kevin decided to go against all odds with a theme the least people approved of. The last time he’s done so, was with the Revolution Pro Media theme that pampered this site for over 3 years.

We’ve got so many authors on this blog who are contributing zero, zap, nothing at all. That’s one thing we’ll look into in the coming weeks. There are other things that the trio along with me as their plus one are paying attention to.

Flood of Entertainment Articles

Me, being your Entertainer, has noticed that there’ve been a lot of entertainment write-ups on this blog. On this day alone, we’ve published two Celebrity Talk posts. It got us thinking… and we finally ended up cutting all content from the homepage and leave only the Editorial Picks category’s recent articles visible on front. Of course, let’s not forget the handpicked number of categories that you might make a jump on before even reaching the lower part of the front page – either way, is just fine. 🙂

TEEN Relevant Content  creation starting tomorrow.

Entertainment articles have undeniably provided the most traffic to this blog. But this kind of content, have also messed up a lot with our standing in the Search Engines. We may experience a slight increase in traffic at some point, thanks to these entertainment posts – but in the long wrong, it’s not truly sustainable. For one, because it’s tiring to gossip all day, all week, all year… and secondly, it looks like we’ve sacrificed some of our previous top keywords publishing these nonsense gossips. I’ll do my best providing entertainment content, but surely, that’s not the way to go to keep this blog on top. What we’re needing is evergreen content, articles that are not just relevant for a week or two. That’s where the first true purposes of this blog sets in. Providing content that is relevant to the teenagers. We’ve been sorely missing out on this part, but don’t worry, true teen relevant content creation will start as soon as tomorrow!

Blog Hopping to be implemented again

Of course, the moment we start publishing the true teen relevant articles on Pinoy Teens, we’d want those topics to become interactive and all… that’s why we’re going to do blog hops once again to have fellow teenage bloggers (or even non-teenage bloggers) interact with our site and with the other readers. We’ve all been there, yeah and even though we tend to cringe on the thought of blog hopping, it has to be done. (Blog hopping is slightly alienating for us, because we haven’t done it in such a long time, it’s not because we don’t find it effective that we cringe about it, okay?)

All that I can leave you with now is this… Expect an epic conclusion to 2012 for Pinoy Teens New Media and the tiny active staff it has!