I have received a call from a representative of the Twenty Twenty Television Corporation, United Kingdom. The issue is quiet cold now and the favor that was given to me to be posted is almost a week old, but because of all the stuff that came up, programs, events, projects, I had to postpone posting up an article regarding this issue without even able to stick to the plan which I have organized to get this discussion going, but let’s head into the discussion right away before you escape to close this window or proceed to another article.

Parents are parents…

It’s an interesting topic to discuss on how much impact parenting does to the development of a Teenager, whether the parent contributed to the child in a good or bad way, yet that is not the only factor to consider in the building up of the character of ones kid. The people (peer) around one does also deal a very great impact, especially at times when we, Teenagers are off limits from the supervision of our parents; just the way a teenager usually wants it to be.

But, is it really good that parents often leave us to do our stuff without their supervision? Or should we have their guidance all the way, or, don’t you think that lenient parents start becoming a nuisance and eventually fall under the strict parents category? What is best now, anyway?

Parents that tend to spoil their kids are not strict

If we would ignore the other factors in the development of our characters and our attitudes then indeed, the parents are the foundation of everything, the first school that we unconsciously attend at home, the ones who taught us how to pray, how to eat well and taught us some basic rules regarding our manner in public and everything else. There might be some kids that get along well and end up with a nice attitude even if their parents are not that strict with them, while the majority of the these end up being spoiled and getting used to the goodness of their parents. And I have to admit that I am one of the spoiled kids out there; someone who is having more than he actually needs and is still craving for more.

Are your parents strict?

While at the other hand, strict parenting may end up having your child (us) end up taking revenge on our children (c’mon, don’t deny that). Whilst the majority grow up the way they should be, good in attitude, character and many other aspects. It’s hard to deter which is good as we mostly experience either one thing or the other but scarcely see our parents acting up as both fairly strict and strict in general.

I have got a few questions to leave to my readers here which I hope you would participate in. Are your parents strict? Are you in the Middle Class Social Status who could accommodate one or two more family members for a week or two? Would you like to be part of a Documentary Series of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)? Then you might just be the family that our friends from the Twenty Twenty Television are looking for. We hope to hear from you and that you participate in our discussion here!