By Ethan Sagen
There’s no doubt that choosing a degree can be stressful. How do you pick the right one? Will it take you in the right direction? And ultimately, will it land you your dream career? Choosing a course is much easier than it seems. Have a look at these tips below, or visit a recruitment centre like Randstad Melbourne for professional advice to help get you on the right path.

Think about your interests:

Your dream career is going to be something you’re passionate about, so make up a list of all the things you’re interested in. Then, you can search for courses that cater to this. It’s likely that your strengths and talents will align with the career you intend to pursue. For example, if you’re interested in books and reading, you may want to study literature. If you’re unsure about the career possibilities of a certain degree, it’s worth visiting a career advisor and asking their advice.

Consider your personality:

Get the career you dream of, with the right degree.

Get the career you dream of, with the right degree.

In addition to your interests, your personality affects your career opportunities too. Consider the jobs you have felt comfortable in, and whether you’ve utilized skills that are transferrable to your dream career. It’s worth talking to somebody from the industry you’re interested in and getting an insider’s opinion. Some organizations allow students or graduates to ‘shadow’ workers. This means that you will follow someone around for a few days and gain first-hand knowledge and experience. Do as much research as you can if you can to avoid changing your mind down the track. It’s important to be aware of whether your personality will clash with the duties you will need to undertake.

Consider the pathways

Before deciding on a degree, have a look at a number of different universities. It’s likely that there is more than one way to gain the qualifications you need. Each university is different with their own unique degrees. Look at the subjects involved in each course. If a university offers a subject that another one doesn’t, consider whether this will have an impact on your pursuing a career. Remember to think about minor subjects too. A great way to get a feel for which university is right for you is to course shop. Sit in on the lectures you are interested in and see which one jumps out at you. You might find that a university you had been considering doesn’t cover a subject the way you’d thought it would. If you look around before deciding, the chances are you will find the right degree and university for you.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your degree, is that it’s going to be daunting no matter what. But if you take care and do your research, you are much more likely to make the right decision. The main thing is that you give it a try. If it’s not right for you after all, you will have learned something about yourself and taken one step further towards finding your dream career.