It’s a very sad fact that the Philippine Counts to one of the Top Countries in which hunger is a dominant problem in the community. This may be spearheaded by the Government, as some people would blame the PGMA leadership or it may also be caused by other factors as well, just like the community might have been involved into this disaster.

But after all, whomever shoes we put the blame in to, in general, we’re all just the same Filipino, with the same problem and with the same label, Top 5 among 56 countries with hunger problems. And that, according to a survery from a international survey firm.

We can’t really blame anyone, can we, or should we rather blame ourselves? These problems would not be in sight if the Philippines as a whole would unite to fight against it. Yes, we might casually come to say that the Some of Philippines poorestGovernment is corrupt, but when we keep our words as words only and don’t contrbute for a better Philippines, it’s as we’ve said nothing at all.

The survey firm was able to interview 56,000 of those in hunger which can be divided into 1,000 heads per country, and this includes 1,000 from the Philippines and a old lady from Makati City who has let her heart and plight be heard. According to this woman, she with her husband come up with a total daily income of 250 Pesos (which is equivalent to more or less 5.50 ) and is definitely not enough to feed their sons and grand

Another woman which was interviewed going by the name “Nene” shares a said fact that there have been times and that there might be times in the future that she would not have anything to eat at all.