Philippine Youth Climate Movement

Climate change is becoming  more and more a concerning issue for filipinos, especially considering that the Philippines is an island nation along the volcanic ring of fire. If water levels were to continue rising at a steady pace and typhoons were to delvelop to be even more devastating, our beloved nation would end up to be fully innundated and leave inhabitants at a new level of emergency than in Ondoy 2009. Although this may prove to be an inevitable problem, it doesn’t stop this issue from being addressed before thousands of people are affected. As Earth Day, April 22, is quickly approaching, looking for ways to contibute?

The Philippine Youth Climate Movement unites communities to unite and mobilize Filipinio youth to take action in their communities to advocate environmental awareness. The PYCM goal is to build and strengthen local and international youth alliances working towards environmental conservation and also to promote environmental education. On World Forest Day, March 21, PYCM has launched a 1 million tree youth challenge. Currently, they are campaigning with Sen. Loren Legarda nationwide in schools to motivate youth in their movement. At present,they have already managed to engage 30,000+ students and accomodate 1,000+ members. Impressive right?

At present, they are looking for young people to become Climate Heroes, young stewards of the environment, and Climate Leaders, advocates of environmentalism,  in their community.

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