We’ve been updating you about the lucrative idea of creating a Philippine Teen Magazine website which ended up to be our dummy, PinoyTeens.Org. But we’re sad to say that, that particular website will be taken down and automagically transformed into a general source for updates about our network of authors, where we, the authors of Pinoy Teens Online and several other websites will keep you updated with our stuff which has not quite any relation to the work we’re doing here.

Yes, the Teen Magazine that we’ve announced a couple of weeks ago won’t push through anymore, just like Kevin has told me a while ago, asking me to nail down this first post since a few months of not being active on this website, and since Kevin has announced that I will be writing again for him on this blog.

Philippine Teens who have subscribed to our feed via email or their favorite RSS readers might be disappointed, since they won’t see the site through, which was supposed to be the Philippine Teen portal for them. Nevertheless, Pinoy Teens Online will continue to exist and deliver all the information that you’re in need of. Just a couple of tweaks here and a few edits there, we’ll be back writing about the things that interest you the most, and we’ll be hosting a little contest for all the teens not only in the Philippines.

What do you think about this guys?