Exclusive coverage of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Audition in Manila last March 6, 2010, brought to you by fellow readers of Pinoy Teens Online. Share your stories of your audition here.

To be honest, we were unable to cover the PBB Teen Audition in Manila because our group is based from Davao, and our two only Luzon based writers have been busy with their studies. That is why I would like to ask all our readers who have been able to make it to the audition to share their unique PBB Teen experiences! You may comment your stories below and/or send them to [email protected] so that we can post them here on our blog. Feel free to attach pictures, too.

Rumor: PBB Teen Audition in Manila exceeded 6,000?

One of our readers noted in one of his/her comments that the amount of people who have auditioned for PBB has by far, exceeded the said 6,000 limit given for Manila participants. The said person noted the PBB Teen Audition to have reached beyond 20,000. Can anyone verify this?

Good luck to all PBB Participants!

We wish all our readers good luck, especially those who still have auditions ahead of them. Don’t forget to follow our tips to survive the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Audition and read our post about the official dates and locations for the provincial auditions that are yet to come.

By April, we are going to subscribe to the PBB Live Stream and update you in a twitter like manner on a new blog that we’re creating to keep you up-to-date by the means of quickies and screencaps straight from the Pinoy Big Brother House/s.