PBB Teen Edition Clash of 2010 Audition in Davao City, brought to you by Pinoy Teens. Find out more about the audition, the mechanics and the more. If you have comments about the audition like requirements and stuff, leave a comment below.

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PBB Time Line:


I’m currently composing this post live, here at the venue of the PBB Teen Edition Audition here in Davao City. I’ve been here for a pretty decent amount of time already, and I think you’re going to read this post later in the evening, even though I have already started writing it early on.

Upon my arrival at around 4 in the morning, I noticed a huge crowd standing in front of the main entrance of SM City Davao. I couldn’t believe what I saw, the crowd, at such early time. I learned that some of them have been around as early as midnight, and some even yesterday evening, just to be one of the first to be auditioned for the Pinoy Big Brother Clash of 2010. One of my friend is included in the list of early birds who has been here as early has 2 in the morning. I was also able to talk to parents, aunts and even grandmothers who are supporting their children in the quest to make it to Kuya’s House this coming April.

Some came from places as distant as Cotabato, others reside from places a bit nearer like say, Cabacan or Davao Oriental. The reason for them in joining PBB comes in many variants. Other see it as the chance to pull up their families way of life, some are up for something more specific, like sending their siblings to school; others are just having fun and are here for the sake of experiencing a Big Brother audition, ever.

It is now 8:30 in the morning, and the crowd looks impressive and enormous. I doubt that it, by any chance matches the attendance in Manila, but this is still something to be “wow”ed upon, especially to note that they are gathering around this place as early as this, and that on a School Day. There are even a few who are wearing their uniforms, I don’t know if they parents know that they are up for something else than school.

I’ll be continuing this post later, and will include a few pictures, but for now, I wish to leave it to this little note saying that I’m having pretty much fun talking to everyone here and finding out their reasons for being here. It’s been a decent eye candy too to look at many beautiful faces roaming around the parking lot.

[continued this evening, at 11:30PM]

I am very tired from the audition, not the audition itself, but the pre-disaster that took place. Haha. We had a blast at the event, yours truly and a handful of new people that I met at SM City Davao who were part of the ca. 4,700 teenagers who took their chance to land in Kuya’s House this coming April.

To be straightforward, I didn’t made it to the big brother house, but I have absolutely no problem with that. Many others, at the other hand do, and I can very understand them, especially those who came from places as far as Cotabato and other far away provinces. Nobody really wants to miss this chance, as for as long as you’re not taking it, you’ll never know if you may have made it.

At around 1pm in the afternoon, the line exceeded beyond my imagination, to the rear end of the parking lot of SM City Davao. I had a bit trouble finding a place for myself to insert in, but, how much more those way behind me? One thing was for sure, the people who came in the first had all the luxury and were able to take the audition relaxed, easy, and also comfortably. Unlike us, who were set for a late afternoon quick screening, who had to fight our way through to the front in order to get a number.

The Audition lasted full 3 hours longer than expected, at around 6 in the evening, if not, even later as I left around 6. I’ve seen a few of my classmates make it to the waiting list, and I don’t want them to win, but someone else to make it. HAHA.

In one of my next posts, I will include more information about the audition process as they are all uniform across all audition locations and dates. And I will also leave you with a few tips on how you could make it. I’m also in the process finishing a post in which I will feature interviews with some of the teenagers, and parents alike. Watch out for that and more only here on Pinoy Teens Online.

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