The Teen Housemates from Apartment have spoken. Shey Bustamante is in danger to leave the PBB Villa as the first evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.

In our today’s PBB Clash Update, we’ll bring you some of the hottest news from the Pinoy Big Brother House Villa and Apartment, this time we’ll talk about Shey Bustamante, who is speculated to be the first evictee of this years Teen batch.

Apartment picked Shey Bustamante to leave

Big Brother told the Villa Housemates a while ago that someone in their troop is in danger of leaving the PBB house. Which in this case is Shey Bustamante, one of the core members that initiate fun and entertainment in the Villa, alongside with Joe who both are dubbed as Mama Bear and Papa Bear, respectively.

Just a while back all the Villas had fun as Joe and Devon performed a “Chorva” Show. Say, it was sort of a punishment, which he executed well with much entertainment and enthusiasm. Reason was he’s been abusing “chorva” a bit too much; and even Big Brother came to use the words “chorva chorva” referring to “Bravo” after he has performed with Devon.

Facebuko Winners enjoy a Week more

Apartment, the only of house of the two was able to finish their Facebuko task in unmatched style as they managed to perfect the matching of the Baby and Current Pictures from the Teens of the Villa, whilst the Villa at the other hand had a handful of mismatches.  The reward? A week more to enjoy in the Pinoy Big Brother House for all of them. Whilst the Villa is on the edge of losing Shey Bustamante due to eviction since she’s the one that the Apartment would like to leave the most.

It could have been a strategic idea of the Apartment to pick one of their strongest, and we might see something like this happening to the Apartment too once the Villa gets the upper hand in a task. But so far, that’s it. The mood at the Villa was at a all time low a moment back, but despite the danger one of their housemates is in, they still managed to crack jokes and have fun. But it’s truly not the same anymore.

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