PBB Clash Update Episode 2: Tricia – Ivan and Goadie Romeo Love Team Link Up. What do you think about it? Read more updates including above stated in this post.

If you have been following us on Facebook, you know that it is no secret that Tricia Santos and Ivan Doschner share some special kind of closeness. From the pillow fight, to the solo moment of rock-paper-scissors even during cooking session, you’ll see these two together.

2 Love Teams in the PBB Clash Apartment House

The camera in the Apartment House has focused away from Tricia and Ivan for a moment though, as all of them seem to be very busy taking care of Romeo’s love interest in the Pinoy Big Brother House, which happens to be.. a goat which they named Goadie.

Some say Goadie is male but for another group of people including Romeo, believe it to be female. He even insisted that Goadie’s pregnant, due to his maleness. lols.

Izy Mae is going to update our PBB Clash with PBB specific updates, while these long updates are getting posted here instead for all of you to see. We don’t have much to say about the other house, the House Villa, but I remember a funny point which I hope won’t offend any of you.

It just makes you smile a bit when you come to imagine that teens from the Villa house have looked at each others face, clueless of what Olive Oil is. It was funny when I stared at them, but nothing more, no offense intended!

Tricia Ivan Love Team?

What do you think about the Tricia – Ivan link up? Will they become a successful PBB Clash Love Team? What about the latter Romeo and his Juliet? Lol. We’ll be updating you with more on our PBB Live Blog and on our Facebook Page, so stay tuned and keep hooked on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010!

Which house or housemate in specific would you like to have more updates about in the future?