Sex Life ni Tricia Santos, pinakikialaman ng mga audience! Mahiya naman kayo, ayaw nga naming naglalandi ito kay Ivan Dorschner, eh kayo, panay hanap ng impormasyon tungkol sa kanyang sex life. 14 Years Young pa ang Babaeng ito. Respeto po sana to some extend.

Tricia Haters, at fellow Bloggers, taking advantage of this Innocent Girl’s Popularity – the wrong way!

Rumors spread the web like wild fire again, and even our PBB related fan page was on fire with Tricia bashers and Tricia Guardians all over the place earlier yesterday evening (as it’s past 3 already now). To all those who have written very negative, below the belt articles about Tricia Santos, please stop it. You have no basis for your articles, and all of you are really getting a step too far with it already. She shouldn’t technically be bothered much about guys at her young age, or at least not on National Television (which by the way didn’t revealed much of the Tricia – Ivan Tandem yet). And you are talking about sex and connect it with this young girl? C’mon, she knows better, and you all know better than that.

Below the belt bashing, disrespect, all pointing at Tricia.

We are not perfect here, that’s true. We dislike her and often times expressed it in some posts, but that is no reason to disrespect her. Please stop, hindi na nakakatuwa ang ganon.

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