Patient X starring Richard Gutierrez and Christine Reyes is a big flop and joins Tarot in the list of GMA 7 movie flops for 2009. Why are GMA fanatics not watching them?

An odd thought came to my mind when I came to realize that GMA 7 stars just can’t shine on the big screen, this is for the horror movie following the big disappointment Tarot which was starred by current GMA female keyplayer Marian Rivera and matinee idol Dennis Trillo.

The thought that entered my mind came from a quick analysis of the fact that GMA 7 teleseries are usually ranking very high in Metro Manila and a few selected places nationwide.  However, once these stars enter the big screen, it looks like none of their followers are going to watch them. Thus, it looks like GMA 7 talents and GMA 7 itself don’t get their expected return of investment from their movies.

Which leads me to thinking that the audience of GMA 7 are of the below average class–not all, but most of them. Since the GMA 7 flop Movie Patient X still managed to sneak 14M in its first week, nationwide.

Will the next movie be another flop or shall this serve as a wake up call for their followers and audience to check out their movies again?