One reader thinks that the audition for PBB Teen Clash was just for formalities sake. Based on a recent article, this may be true. Read on what happened during Audition.

We read about a rumor that even further unfolded the dark side of ABS-CBN as stated in an earlier post, and mentioned several times in the past. The news is spreading like fire and angers teens all over the Philippines. According to the source, the PBB Teen Clash Audition in selected key cities was just for formalities sake?!

If we come to think about it, a Star Magic talent heading to the Pinoy Big Brother House; do you really think he has auditioned like the 40,000 (Manila) 5,000 (Davao) teenagers and young adults did? It saddens me that this reality show isn’t really a reality show anymore. We can rather call it a show, in which whatever the network wants becomes reality. Somehow, we can be happy about their “invisible hands” getting into work. We may not have a Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson or Melason without them, if this news beholds truth.

Here is how the comment of one of our readers goes. It’s up to you to believe in it or not. We just want to know your opinion.

I have a friend from MySpace who I met during the auditions held in PDA Concert Hall last 2009. She is a 100% Filipina who grew up in the states. While we were on the line, she was pulled out by her mom for an unknown reason to us.

Fortunately, I got her e-mail address and was able to contact her through the networking site I mentioned above. I asked her what happened and she told me that the casting director took pictures of her, made her a profile and asked her to tell them whenever she’s back in town. The casting director also told her that the audition held was just for formality.

Let us know what’s on your mind below!

ps: Very nice strategy for ABS again, to generate a huge hype about it and get people hooked to PBB. Gaaah.