The People’s Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is not the underdog anymore, in his upcoming battle versus the Pride of Manchester, England; Ricky Hatton. Even if Pacquiao is more used in fighting Mexicans during his past fights, where he smashed and demolished greats like Oscar de la Hoya, David Diaz, Eric Morales and a lot more, jobs well done against Mexican Fighters which earned him the honorable name as Mexicutioner.

This May 1, 2009, on the fight of fights, Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao; Pacquiao is gonna be the star and favorite of the crowd, something he has not really been used to in his last bouts. Who would have thought that even British Boxing Fans are avid followers and fans of the Philippine boxing sensation and strongly believe that Pacquaio is gonna knock down Hatton. That’s just one side of the cone, as the English fans are about to field the boxing arena of Las Vegas in the coming days to cheer for the Fighter of the Year Manny Pacquiao.

Even experts strongly believe that Manny Pacquiao has got the upper hand in this fight and that it won’t be any problem whatsoever for him to get the fight down easily. That’s what 7 out of 10 boxing experts answered during a survey. In this Pacquiao vs Hatton fight, both boxers need to pace their game exceptionally to get the opposition off the mark, while still sticking to their game plan. It will still be a though draw to choose from these excellent boxers, but when the day comes, all talking shall take an end as the fighters themselves will make the final decision, and not the critics.

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