Manny Pacquiao will face Sugar Shane Mosley this 7th of May (8th of May, Philippine Time) in Las Vegas. It’s going to be one of the most anticipated fights of the year, and will probably go into the history books of boxing, might it be in favor of the People’s Champ or not.

I always get excited when Pacquiao enters the ring to nail his opponents. The most memorable yet was the 2-round crushing of the Englishman Ricky Hatton around the same date 2 years ago. There are so many things that roam my mind on how the fight could end, what would happen in the coming weeks and what it would mean to for a possible Mayweather – Pacquiao clash in the near future.

Here are my 5 expectations (as a Filipino) in regards to the Pacquiao – Mosley Fight this coming Sunday (Philippine Time):

  1. It will be a one sided victory – I can’t see the fight going the distance with both powerhouses throwing powerful punches at each other. One wrong step, a little bad timing and one could go down. I’m not saying that Pacquiao will certainly win this, but I’m certain that it won’t reach the 12th because both boxers would love to knock the other out as soon as possible.
  2. Mayweather vs Pacquiao soon (whether Pacquiao wins or loses) – I see no escape nor reason for Mayweather to hold back any longer. It just has to happen soon. If Pacquiao goes on to win this, it would put a lot of pressure on Mayweather to face the Filipino Boxer who on quite a run at the moment. If Pacquiao loses to Shane Mosley, it would still put a little pressure on Mayweather, and he might be just confident enough to face the People’s Champ knowing he’s certainly not immortal after all.
  3. Pacman packed MGM Grand – Filipinos, or well, Manny Pacquiao supporters will be all over the place at the MGM Grand. Manny has gained a huge fellowship thanks to his excellent performance inside the ring. From Hollywood Artists to the simple U.S Citizen, it’s not only PINOY that’s after Pacquiao now, but even foreigners start to believe in our very own boxing legend, and they’ll be there to support him.
  4. A Pretty Creepy Quiet Philippines – Zero Crime rate? Let’s get it on! It’s one of those wonders that Pacquiao does to the Philippine folk. Whenever he stands inside the ring, even the most fierce criminal sits in front of their television sets and are watching. I remember 2 years back that my girl friend back then was unable to make it over to my place prior the fight, because most, if not all jeep drivers made it to the nearest TV that showed the fight.
  5. (if Pacquiao wins) Grand Homecoming Celebration, As Always – Oh yes, General Santos City will be prepared to welcome home the People’s Champ, well, either way, win or loss, I’m sure he’s very welcome there – but if he succeeds against Mosley it will be a pretty different story and welcoming ceremony. After the Binibining Pilipinas Winner, another champion will be warmly welcomed!

I Wanna Watch The Fight, But Where?

If you’re from the Philippines and are that lazy to not be able to visit the nearest Pacquiao packed Coffee Shop or Restaurant on Fight Day or if you do not wish to shell out 500 (Pesos) bucks to watch the fight away from home, then you could just stay tuned here on Pinoy Teens, as I’m about to post a few details on how to watch Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley Live for Free in an upcoming write up of mine.

What To Do Now?

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