This 2011 will mark my fourth year in possession of Pinoy Teens. It’s been some time I suppose, some time since the 16 year young teen blogger took flight with this domain name. 2011 will probably mark my last year with PinoyTeens.Net, one last stand in trying to make good everything that went wrong this 2010. It might sound silly giving up on this domain name, but I’m looking forward to a new group of bloggers to take care of this domain name. No, not some of my contributors, because technically I have none. But some other active teen bloggers who I hope to discover within the next couple of months in the blogosphere.

I had a great time serving people, posting articles, and attending press conferences due to this blog. It won’t be the end of my blogging career, it would just be the end of mine, carrying the label Mr. Pinoy Teens. I have to move on with something bigger, I won’t be a teenager anymore by the midst of next year as I’ll head to my early twenties.

This will be one last year. One last year of excitement, success, fun and entertainment. If I barely blogged in 2010, you’ll see me actively blogging like never before in the coming year. And who knows, by 2012, we will have a new teenager in house will continue with the advocacy to educate, inform and entertain.