Everyone knows about the upcoming Local Board Exams for nurses this November, especially those students who are taking up nursing. The June 2008 Board Exams result is very alarming for the nurses and also in our country since the passers are only 43%. And now? Everyone is waiting for the November Local Board Exam Result; there will be 88,000 graduate nurses and re-takers that will take the said exam. Will the examiners improve the percentage of passers? Are Filipino nurses ready to take the challenges? Are the upcoming graduates will able to get higher rates than the past examiners? And the biggest question is? Do the future Registered Filipino Nurse JhenNurses have an opportunity to apply jobs was soon as they got there license? Too many questions to ask and there are still no possible answers.

As a 4th year nursing student and soon to graduate and also to take Local board exam I have this fear that I can not pass the board. As advice by our Clinical Instructors, the most important thing we must develop is to analyze the problem but not “over analyzing it”, “you have to understand it NOT MEMORIZING IT”, “and you must READ! READ! and READ!”

To those who will take the November Nursing Local Board Exam. Good luck and God bless to all of you, may God guide you as you take the board exam. And before start answering the test papers say a little prayer. J For the upcoming graduates like me we have to prepare for our upcoming judgment. 😛 and for those who are in lower years be serious in your studies, do learn to love and appreciate your course.

“Nurses are flexible, they touches lives of their patients and patients family…”