The future looks bright with Lumia

Last January assigned General Manager for Nokia Philippines visited Davao City for the first time to officially introduce the Nokia Lumia lineup along with the introduction of the high-end addition to Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone series, the Lumia 900 which is said to come to the Philippines this June at an agrresive SRP of around 28,000 Pesos.

> Nokia Philippines started out with the two Lumia phones made available by Globe and Smart, the 800 and 710 respectively.

While Smart enjoys absolute exclusivity over the 710, the unit that is exclusively available to Globe Postpaid users for free at 1799 can also be availed through retail at an SRP of roughly 23,500 Pesos. Some might see it as slight disadvantage but it’s no doubt the more sought-after of the two Lumia phones that found its way to the Philippine market.

Joining the 710 and 800 is also Nokia’s entry Windows Phone – the Lumia 610 which comes in at just less than 11,000 Pesos for retail. Notably cheaper than an iPod touch with much more flexibility; add to it that it’s actually a phone already!

## Lumia is for all. Period.

When asked who the target market for these devices are, it was made clear that Nokia aspires to reach out to all – both smartphone and non-smartphone users alike. They’ve been doing so pretty effectively thanks to the aggressively priced Lumia 610 that leaves its competition bite the dust in terms of overall performance and speed and price ratio.

All these efficiency of the Lumia lineup has to be credited to the underlying operating system, Windows Mobile. For some it was quite a shocking decision that Nokia did not ride on the Android bandwagon but instead decided to bring something new to the market – something that the user actually loves to use with apps that are in actually need to the user.

Speaking of apps, there is no shortage of then on the Market. With over 80,000 apps already available for your Lumia, there’s got to be something for you there! From games to social networking apps, productivity tools and more – not to forget the mobile version of Microsoft Office that allows you to edit, view and create Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on the go.

### Nokia + Microsoft + Aggressive Pricing

Equals to a bright future for Nokia’s Lumia Family. Newcomers to the smartphone market can feel at ease with the very affordable Lumia 610 and still stay ahead of many of their Android friends in the same price range while high-end geeks get to unleash the true beast of speed and specs with the Nokia 900.

All four units though, are expected to perform quite equal across the board for general day-to-day tasks.

Nokia Lumia is definitely the way for me in the future. I feel a bit sad that these Windows Phones have only found their way to the Philippines this recently. Had they been here since December, I might have avoided my peculiar yet still effective Android Touch combo (iPod touch + Samsung Galaxy Y). :p

With Nokia slowly gaining ground in the Philippine smartphone market, it’s going to be an exciting 12 months for sure. Let’s hope the smartphone battle with competition ends up in better deals for the users, not to say that these offers by Nokia are bad, ha! Again, the future looks bright just as Lumia stands for light!