Let’s talk about Neo Laptops. I was assigned by our head administrator to be kind of enough to review his Laptops performance (which is a Neo Vivid 2121 Black Notebook), but before INeo Vivid 2121 Laptopproceeded with the review of his Neo Laptop, I took a look at the specs, and then checked the internet about what other people have to say regarding this brand of Laptop. People say, that the specs go along very well with the Neo brand, but most likely all results have something in common, it’s either the Technical Support or the Neo Laptop itself that they’ve had problems with. So if you want to read the review, here it is!

I was really shocked and coud not believe all the negative testimonials and shout outs that I have read about these kinds of Laptops and it’s very intruiging on how Kevin was able to end up with a Neo Vivid 2121. He used to be someone who is very well informed about the world wide web and the happenings on the internet, why didn’t he conduct a prior search before hunting the Laptop that would accompany him for the next couple of Months? I guess that these questions will be left unanswered for now as he is fast asleep.

In contrast to Kevin’s local personal computer, I have to say that his Neo Laptop performance is very well and very fast, but I sure bet that there are some other brands that can do better, it’s really just that the price is very eye catching. But how anout the quality? Speaking about the performance that I refered to above, is about the usual things, playing music, watching a movie, browsing through folders and all other things a casual computer and internet user would do. But how about the more specific and hardcore stuff?

I noticed this Laptop not having any NVIDEA card, but still the Videos play nicely and open up swiftly, but when it comes to games, there’s where the fun ends. I tried to play Dota, and I experienced a heavy lag for a moment that vanished a couple of minutes into the game, it could have also been a factor that I have left the Google Desktop application open. But really, for people who are up to enjoy a nice game? The Neo Vivid 2121 Notebook Laptop is just not your thing, it’s not good enough.

Moving on, erase the word mobility if you’re looking up to have this Laptop running for a couple of hours without a AC Adapter, the battery lasts less than an hour with minimal tasks and ends up in just a few minutes if you’re surfing the net via WiFi or playinga a local game, note, with the sounds disabled and the screen running on it’s least bright. Can you still consider something like this as mobile? No wonder Kevin didn’t brought his Laptop during our gimik a few hour ago, and no wonder why he kept on asking me how long a Laptop endures away from any electric source. His problems speak for itself.

What’s impressive about the Neo Laptop is that it comes with Windows Vista Home Basic and plays a big asset to the offer the Neo Laptops, it really attracts a lot of people and even got me hooked for a while when I checked out the new control panel features and more, but that sounds more on a Windows Vista asset rather than the Laptop specs, doesn’t it?

So far with good five days into the usage of this Laptop of his and the availability of more than 150GB of HDD, I have to say that the Laptop plays pretty well along and as long as there’s a electric source near him, nothing could go wrong. It’s just that the Laptop isn’t as mobile as the other brands in specific. I can’t say much about the Neo Technical Support since I haven’t filed any ticket (yet) and don’t see any reason why I neither Kevin should do so in the next couple of months.

What really concerns me is the negative feedback about the brand on the internet, I haven’t found a single positive response regaring the Neo Laptops, well let this be one of the first, and good luck with the continous growth of this kind. Anyways, those feedbacks are already over an year old and might not be applicable today anymore, but one thing for sure, that I have been mentioned already over and over in the above, is the mobilitiy of this Laptop, which isn’t quiet mobile and just making him yet another Home Computer, just that it’s in the Notebook style.

For those who would like to have a nice spec computer that match your needs, I do recommend this kind of Laptop, just be sure there’s electricity around you, else your Neo Latop might suddenly die. The prices are pretty much cheap, it’s quiet obvious since its a Philippine brand, but, could this Philippine branded Laptop end up to be yet another poor Philippine made product. or will the saying, what you pay is what you get to this amazingly cheap Laptop?

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you on track whenever there might be something wrong going on with his Neo Vivid 2121 Laptop.