One of the most prestigious awards that a Filipina from Davao City could bag, would be the Mutya ng Dabaw. And this years title goes to a, summa cum laude Nursing Graduate from the San Pedro College of Davao. The awarding and coronation of the Mutya ng Dabaw was held yesterday evening at the Cap Auditorium here in Davao City and it was a though decision which the judges had to draw from, with competing contestants from the Ateneo and other top schools in Davao City.

Just like any other contest or pageant, there had to be one winner, and the Mutya ng Dabaw 2009 winner is no other than Resci Angelli Rizada, who was armed with her advocacy project “Social change through social entrepreneurship”. Whilst I was unfortunately missing out the event which went on a global broadcast through their official website, I was able to sneak this bits of information from a friend who could tell you more about it.

The other contestants did not leave the Auditorium with empty hands but have had a few awards as well, while Resci Angelli went home with a smile on her face, 50,000 Pesos and other prizes. Also with money to fund her project advocacy coming from her foundation sponsors.

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