Sharing with you my buying experience on the Social Shopping website, Multiply. It’s an easy and convenient way to attain items at a discount and shop from home!

I wrote a few days back about how Multiply changed from a Social Network, to a Social Shopping site. It would be quite odd if I just blurt on about how good the Multiply experience is without trying it myself, so here I did – I’m officially a buyer of items on Multiply!

Why buying on Multiply is so convenient

The most important factor for me is, that I don’t have to leave my house to make the purchases. All I have to do is sit in front of my Mac and let the credit card processing begin! Multiply features so many stores, some which are more expensive than others, while a handful are very competitively and aggressively priced. It’s always worth digging a bit deeper and looking around various shops to find the cheapest price. Just make sure that you’re buying from a Trusted Business to be covered by the Multiply Buyer Protection Program and be eligible for Money-back Guarantee should the transaction go awfully wrong.

Another vital factor for me that makes the Social Shopping Site so enticing is the core of it all – the users. As you find your way through the different stores, you get across various opinions of other customers – whether they were pleased with their purchases and the services given by the merchants or not. User trust is something that can’t be bought but has to be earned.

One more thing that makes it so convenient is the ability to look up those selected gadgets on the internet. You’re connected to the internet anyway, so why not do a quick search about reviews of the item you are about to purchase? You don’t need to rely on sales person who just talk BS to have the item sold to you.

Lastly, I want to point out the various payment methods available. You can pay via Bank, Credit Card, Paypal & G-Cash – with Paypal being my favorite here.

Multiply has pulled it off to provide an excellent experience for the customers and an easy to use interface for the merchants at minimal capital.

Now, I did tell you that I’m a buyer on Multiply, didn’t I? The first couple of goods that I bought have just arrived an hour ago. (Purchase made last Thursday)

Multiply purchases from Discounted Deals

Sennheiser Earphones bought from DiscountedDeals.Multiply.Com

Sennheiser Earphones bought from DiscountedDeals.Multiply.Com

I bought two Sennheiser Earphones from Discounted Deals, an Online Merchant of Multiply that offers products ranging from 40%-90% off the original price. Though the two earphones account not quite to the latest and most sophisticated models of Sennheiser, it’s well spent money knowing that I’ve got these at 50% off their original price.

There are more stores on Multiply that provide excellent service and discounted goods. I’ll write more about them later once their items arrive.


The other items that I ordered from other stores on Multiply have arrived today as well. The 5-7 delivery timeframe is pretty much the extreme case scenario – I am very pleased that my items arrived just around 3 days from the day I ordered. 🙂

Multiply is truly the most convenient way to shop!