For all the female audiences of this blog, here’s a little bit spice to feed up the monotonous blogging about blogging, and other general entertainment stuff. The Mossimo Bikini Summit is one of the annually held summer events that a lot of people highly anticipate, to see all those hot girls and macho guys ramp on the stage to show off their talent in modeling. This year’s Bikini Summit of the males has closed in to the finals, and here is just a little glimpse at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 Male Finalists. Let me share you a couple of the male finalists that I find totally cute.

Angelo CacciatoreAngelo Cacciatore – Metro Magazine Top 18 Hotties. Filipino-Italian. Studied Ballet for 8 years.

Harold Oide

Harold Oide – Commercial model from Baguio City.

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