The Monthly Progress Report is, obviously, a Monthly Update on the progress of what’s been going on at Pinoy Teens, both the blog and the community. The interview/report is published at the end of every month.


To start off, I’d like to feature the -back then 16 year young- boy who started it all, Georg Kevin A. Paquet.


Q: We’re heading to the same time of the year in which you predicted Pinoy Teens to bounce back in 2010. What has changed since then?

A: Honestly nothing. We’re still an endangered online presence! Still, a falling star… but it looks like we’re soon going to hit the ground.


Q: Yes, speaking about that, this has to be the worst week of Pinoy Teens ever. We’ve had 4 days in which we served less than 500 visitors. What’s wrong?

A: You’re correct. It has been the worst week for Pinoy Teens in terms of traffic. Traffic is really something that matters, it gives you bragging rights and motivation to carry on! The shocking part though is, that we had 4 days with less than 500 visitors each! That never happened before, we never even had less than 500 visitors when we broke that margin in 2008.


Q: I didn’t realize that we never had less than 500 days on any day ever since we broke the quota in 2008; that must be a very tough pill to digest! What are your plans now?

A: Well, I plan to bounce back! And this time, I’m actually doing something! I admit, I have been very lazy last year and most part of this year… but all the events that happened in the last few days were really a wake up call for me. I’ve rested long enough and have done very little… It has started to affect the quality and reputation of the site. We will bounce back, but probably not by stats… but by slowly creating more and more engaging content.. We want to grow our readership first and then get head-on with boasting our stats. One can have millions of visitors, but I don’t care… It is quality, not quantity that matters to me right now. That also counts for the future content of the site.


Q: How will you do that?

A: That’s the exciting part. I don’t really know. It puts me in the same shoes I was in when we started. Remember? We never knew where we’re heading.. People didn’t believe in us.. We were just some online “waste” back then, and we managed to come out of top. Well, like noted above.. I’ll seek for more quality content and we’ll start to grow our reader base, credibility and reputation from there.


Q: How do you see Pinoy Teens in about a Month?

A: Still alive and kicking, I suppose! We’ve got a big event right in the middle of the month, the fight of Pacquiao and Marquez. I might try to campaign for that one, but at the moment, it’s all but hopeless.. Anyhow, even if we won’t be able to take a slice out of the Pacquiao vs Marquez hype, I do believe that heading upward is the only direct for us! Alexa Rank is doing surprisingly well.. It has always been a hobby of mine to get that one up. I’m really excited about all the new things we have in store.


Q: Like what?

A: Like the new sections in our website. Custom niche-specific sub-blogs. The launch of the Teen Advice corner, The Reviewer and the much hyped return of the Forum!


Q: Sounds great! It’s like you plan to connect our past success with the present one! I hope you’ll stand true to your words and that we’re heading for a brighter tomorrow 🙂

A: Me too! I have more surprises lined up for the coming months pa nag eh. We’ll start giving away goodies like we did before… So subscribe to Pinoy Teens via email (confirm your subscription) because we’re soon going to start our raffling of great giveaways!