I wish I could take writing this post that easy as singing along the song that has the same title like my post has. But it’s hard. I can’t even think about what for an hell I might go through tomorrow. I can’t even imagine what for a torment it would be if my name would not be called along with those of the others who are part of that holy, sacred, final list of graduating students. For now, I’m just a typical teenager battling through the odds of education and I can’t assure that I stand on the side of the winners, nor am I certain that I am a failure, but I admit that there have been times when I played the underdog and moments where I was on top of all things.

Though like I said, it hasn’t been always like that. Which makes me feel tensed this very moment until tomorrow when the names of the graduating students shall be commenced by our Principal. There are reasons that suggest that I should make it through, yet there has been a couple of reasons that contradict my glory to graduate, like the incident that I had with the school a few weeks ago about a post I had regarding a field trip. But that’s not the only problem that I have had.

I might be though to beat in terms of verbal English, I might kick-ass when it comes to computer education, but I have to pass the ball when it comes to Trigonometry and Filipino wherein I admit that I literally fail in those two departments. Who said that I am great at spelling? And who recalls me answering in front during our Trigonometry Class? No one does, while I have never done so in my one year stay as a fourth year high school student at my academe.

I’ve let chances pass by my, whilst I tried grabbing a few every now and then, a computer contest where I ended up as a runner up, and a group performance that has stunned the faculty account to the positive things that I have participated in. Being in a third-world section doesn’t matter really, but the performance of the student does. And I hope that what I have done was just good enough for me to move on another step forward, whilst I will start adjusting and try my best when it comes to my tertiary education in the soon future.Graduation Picture

The moment of truth is closing in, tomorrow is the day, the day that all senior high school students at my academe have been waiting for. The list that beholds the people who have achieved enough to step on a level further in life, where realizations will be revealed for those who need improvements, and admirable words be uttered for those who succeed.  I fear that I won’t make it, I don’t want to fail for the second time around, and I do not have to. All that I can do for now is hope that I have made it, and enjoy my happiness as much as I can for now, before the soon day comes in bringing the truth, of who graduates, and who does not.