Engineer John Judillo from the Mapua Institute of Technology and his fellow project membes came up with a robot who’s weight is about 80 kilos and which conceptualization and development took 7 months and 2 months, respectively. Thus totalling 9 months for the over all.

Students from the Mapua Instittute of Technology will be part of the upcoming First ever World Cup on Computer Implemented Inventions, which gives us a bit of idea that they key in the MAC development is the programming language C++ (I personally hate this language)

Although the over all concept of the MACs appears seemlinglessly pretty useful, there are still a lot of disadvantages for it, based on the way how it is built. It may run on 4 tires, but it still cannot climb any stairs which leads to a disadvantage, when let’s say, a bomb is located at the 5th floor of a building.

Thus, a question raised regarding the next generation of the MAC and the other generations to follow is, if any of those will be able to climb stairs or not. While taking a glance in the robot development of other countries, we may come to notice that stairs climbig robots are running on 8 wheels instead of 4, could this be applied to our own MACs?

What could be other modifications or enhancements that the MAC should have?