Yesterday, I made use of my last few Ninoy’s (500 Peso bills) which were left overs from the Mindanao Bloggers Summit tour in General Santos City. (which I haven’t posted about yet)

Accompanying me in wasting, having a good time, rather, the money was my classmate and gf (good friend) from old times, known under the name Doodle, or Luz, or whatever. At around late 5 o’clock yesterday, I invited her to come over to a nearby Cafe at the U.M Matina Area, where I usually spend my freetime playing computer games, I told her that I’ll treat her for a round of food and cinema.

She was quite depressed the other day, you know; that’s why I thought that this little treat could cheer her a little bit up. So, as usual, she arrived at exactly Filipino time (which means, late). But that doesn’t matter much to me since I’ve become used to it na. Especially when I’m hanging out with my bestfriend.

So, we went to NCCC-Maall, from U.M Matina all the way down to the Mall on feet. We passed by our beloved Ateneo de Davao University, which both of us miss so much, and we passed Mc Donalds Matina Town Square, where we almost ate. Chit chatting about gossips and random things for good 10 minutes has finally brought us to the mall, and then to Jolibee where we got our food from that  we ate at the Cinema.

My first thought was to watch High School Musical 3, because I badly wanted to blog about it, yet we came to argue whether to watch something that we already know more than 70% or something totally new and horrifying like Mirrors. Thinking that watching this movie would be pretty nice for her and lift her emotions of sadness and her weary feelings, we came to an agreement to watch Mirrors. But, she should not get too close to me. Kidding.

We entered the Cinema quite late, half of the movie was through already. So was the most exciting part behind us as well. We entered the Cinema with a very familiar scene that we both came to see on television as the trailer of the movie where the young boy’s reflection in the mirror remains seated while the boy stood up already. Isn’t that quite creepy? Besides that, there isn’t much to tell about the rest of the movie.

Yet, after the movie came to a closing, we decided to stay for a while and wait for the movie to start again, so that we can watch the first part. I said to her that it isn’t creepy at all, and it’s pretty useless watching a movie like this that doesn’t scares you, eventhough it’s assigned to scare you. But I stood corrected with what I said.

Just a few minutes into the movie, the horrifying scenes came up. Two that remain unforgotten in both our minds include the scene where the main character of the film went to the hospital to see the dead body of the former Mayflowers watch guy. He was accompanied by his wife and another doctor to the room were all those bodies are located. While taking a look at the neck of the man, the reflection from the aluminum cover of the place where the dead body was located looked at him. And heck, grabe sigaw ni Luz!

Another creepy scene was when the man drove his car on the street, all alone, and pretty peacefully. As then, a few moments later, he noticed something or someone sitting at the back of his car, and he came to recognized that it was her sister with a deformed face. He immediately stopped and destroyed all mirrors that were close to him at that time.

I can’t tell you too much about the movie because that would make it very boring for you when you watch it. Go, take a peep at the Movie and have fun watching it like it’s the last of your days. Haha.


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