It’s 1:33 in the afternoon on my Neo Vivid 2121 Laptop‘s System Clock, and I just woke up and headed directly to my WordPress’ Dashboard to write a totally new post from the experience that I had the other day during the said post Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party. A lot of people who have confirmed to attend the event on Facebook, were not around, I was pretty much excited to see some of those bloggers.

But anyways, the attendance was decent and the fun we’ve had? Awesome. I was unable to take any picture from the party because first of all, my camera sucks and secondly my camera was battery empty that very moment, so I’ll wait for someone else to upload the pictures that I’d then share to you via my new/old photo blog. I feel asleep and continued this post 5:13. 

The first one to arrive was Kuya Faust which was then followed by yours truly, afterwards the whole troop from Charles down to Blogie have followed. And I was still pretty bored. My Laptop was battery empty, so was my camera battery empty, and not to forget, so was I. I had almost no oneto talk to but Charles and Faust since those have been the only guys I’ve really spend some time with talking about WordPress and blogging. Also in attendance was Kuya Andrew, Ate Ria and Gwing.

Lyle Santos whom I see as one of the greatest people in terms of making money from adsense arrived a few minutes later, while Brendel arrived a few minutes after his arrival. What I just can’t understand is that some of my friends that I invited did not attend, either becuase they were too shy, had nor gifts or believed that they would be totally out of place. There have been a lot of camera flashes going on from all corners including the camera’s of Ate Lara, Kuya Dominic and the other folks, and oh, Ate Leah was also there.

I don’t know a lot of those people there I especially don’t know much about their URLs, but one thing that I am pretty sure of is that I felt like a newbie to blogging when Lyle had his little adsense talk with me and Patrik. He shared some tips and tricks that you’ll be seeing being implemented by yours truly on one of my future projects that I have in mind right now. I really want to make a few bucks out of the other blogs and leave this blog adless until adsense can be applied here again.

One who I really expected to be attending the event was Miah whose post about the Christmas Party was pretty much in advance and expressed her being so exciting about yet another meetup with Mindanao Bloggers. But due to some family related reasons she was unable to make it. Whilst Kuya Lyle said that she is broken hearted? hehe.

After the singing session at the World Palace KTV, we proceeded to another place, the Matina Town Square which is locally known as the MTS. There was a band playing which had a fairly nice foreplay but ended up being just a noisy group of people. Just like Blogie has said when they’re done, Salamat, tapos na sila. A few bucks of San Mig Light went to Charles account of which I’ve tasted just a half bottle of. It’s just that I wasn’t in the right mood to drink. Ate Brendel has also promised to give me a WordCamp Philippines T-Shirt as a Christmas Present which she’ll be handing over to me on the next Blogger Event that we’ll both be attending. After the beer, the talks, and the plurk tutorial tutorial Lyle and I gave to Faust, we walked towards the streets of Matina, seeking for a CR.

The CR at the MTS was closed already and we had no choice but to eat at McDonalds Matina (in front of Atene de Davao) so that we can use the CR. And it was there, where Lyle continued his discussion about Adsense with me and Patrik. After the whole event, I and Patrik have been brought home by Kuya Blogie and his car. And I finally, had my worthy rest from a third 4AM-to-sleep-day in a row.

Let’s get into detail with the venue in the upcoming post of mine, wherein I will take a closer look at the bad venue that we’ve been hosted at and write a promised negative review for some unpleasant events that took place at the small KTV and Resto. That for now for the Christmas Party of the Mindanao Bloggers