The King of Pop himself is now history in Physical Terms, Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles at the age of 50 years old. It is sad to have one of the biggest and brightest internationally known music icons fade away, but it won’t surely mean that everything Michael Jackson has done on earth will fade as well. For sure, even beyond his death at the age of 50, Jackson will live on with all Pop addicts and won’t be dethroned from the title King of Pop, because he truly was, is and will remain the king of that music genre.

He reigned alongside other shining starts that are worthy to mention, the Beatles and Elvis Presley for example, but no one did music and no one did whatever he did during his life the way that the true King of Pop has done.

Farewell, to one of the well known music sensations of the world, Michael Jackson died at 50 in Los Angeles.

Whenever I hear the name of this pop icon, I always come to recall what the parents of Kevin tell me often, that Kevin used to dance along music of Michael Jackson when he was much younger than now whenever they would attend a concert where his music was played. A funny thought, knowing that Kevin is not much affected about Michael Jackson related issues anymore, but still mourns about the death of such high noted celebrity.

The adversity of his life finally comes to a closure after scandalous weeks, months and years during his final stretch of his life. And once again, before I come to a closure to this post, farewell Michael Jackson a big part of the music world will surely miss you.

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