I posted a status on Facebook that I was in the mood to blog something. There was no specific topic on my mind though. A friend has recommended me to blog about Pokemon. Here I am, blogging about Pokemon.

To be honest, I have been a bit out of touch with Pokemon lately. The last time I really went into addict mode dates back over a decade. Imagine that? Yeah, I enjoyed Pokemon way back then when there were only 251 of them, and when being legendary still meant something.

Right now, I’m playing through Pokemon Y. Even though I haven’t really finished the game yet, I’m already heading into competitive battling. My team is far from perfect though. Most, if not all of these are product of my luck in Wonder Trading. (Lol)

Meet My Pokemon Team v1!

I’m currently specializing in Triple Battles. I find 3 Battles more engaging, more exciting and more thrilling than the usual Singles and Doubles. This is not my current team right now. It’s the team that I have originally used.

STARAPTOR – My first ever Revenge Killer. He’s usually around to kick some ass when one of its friends is in danger (Retaliate). It can also deal some damage to Rock and Dark types thanks to Close Combat. Of course, let’s not forget Brave Bird in the mix. Is the threat too overwhelming, I let it switch out with U-Turn to at least cause a little damage on the opposition. He’s usually coming off the bench.

GENGAR – Gengar is usually around to kick some Fairy ass. He’s also quite useful against tough Pokemon it can out speed. Once I get that Destiny Bond kicked in properly = you’re dead. Gengar usually takes either the left or the right flank.

NINETAILS (Drought) – Ninetails is my free “Sunny Day” creator. She’s very vital to my set. She usually annoys opponents with Confuse Ray, bulks up a bit in the Special department with Calm Mind during safe turns, can take cover with Protect and deal some decent STAB under the sun with Heatwave. Ninetails also usually takes either the left or the right flank with an Air Balloon.

CHARIZARD (Solar Power) – Yep. A third Pokemon prone to rocks. I told you, this is how my first team has looked like back then. This kind of match up has, however kicked some ass already in the past. Solar Power (50%), STAB Damage (50%), Harsh Sunlight Damage Bonus (50%), Choice Specs (50%) powers up a Heatwave attack nicely which can take out all 3 of the opposition.

AZUMARILL – Whenever Azumaril manages to get Belly Drum in place, he can be unbeatable. Of course, stupid me has just later on found out the conflict with Aqua Jet and Ninetail’s drought. Add to it the fact that Azumarill is the 3rd Pokemon that’s prone to Electric moves.

BLISSEY – Blissey completes the flawed first team that I have put together. Blissey had been so helpful in-game for me, so I decided to give Blissey a try competitively. Of course, I failed taking advantage of Blissey because I haven’t quite figured out how to use Blissey properly. Lol. It’s my most prized possession, because it’s a 6IV Poke.

What can you say?

What are your thoughts about this lineup? Jeez, I’m sure you’re laughing at me right now because of this kind of team. Hahahaha. I’m still (re)learning the ways of competitive Pokemon Battling. Hopefully, I can figure out how to create a more balanced and competitive team.

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