I’m quite past the deadline, but still, let me bring out this post of thankfulness for all the people who made the Mindanao Bloggers Summit a even more memoreable event for me. Better late than never, don’t you agree? Anyways, here’s the whole event summed up in bullet format, wherein I’ll be pinging some of the other people who I met.

  1. I was supposed to be accompanied by Grace‘s Group to go Gensan, but it took them some time to respond, so I departed from Davao on my own.
  2. In Digos City, my room mate in Gensan, Charles Arrived.
  3. Kuya Avel assigned Aethen, one of the few bloggers I met at WordCamp Philippines to fetch us from the General Santos City Bus Terminal.
  4. We arrived at Sleep Inn and had some accompaniment from other Davao People like Alritch.
  5. We joined other volunteers and organizers for a Dinner at Grab-A-Crab
  6. But before that, we enjoyed a lone time at Cafe Latecia at the Family Country Hotel, just to make use of the WiFi there.
  7. We hanged out for until 1AM at the Coffe Shop at Grab A Crab and went home heading for a deserved rest.
  8. The Main Event, the Mindanao Bloggers Summit was next on the line.
  9. One of the hosts was Mindanao Bloggers Member from Davao City, Kuya Migs.
  10. Oh, and I remember Ate Brendel accompanying us at the left side of the hall.
  11. The talk that I really caught my attention was the one from Jester and his talk alone. Oh, yung kay Ate Ria rin pala
  12. I was too busy with two laptops, the one of Charles and the other one from Bam.
  13. After the main event and all the open forums, Kuya Lyle fooled us with his MrAlmighty Prank that really caught the most of us, especially Runel.
  14. Then, the evening began, with a R-18 program, daw?
  15. The WiFi Connection was gone, but I wasn’t the only one who was worried, Kat was as well.
  16. Almost everyone went to the dance floor to have a good time while I instead went to the other side of the hall to exchange some words with Aice.
  17. The next day, the Gensan Tour was on the list. And it kicked of quite well.
  18. Thanks to Jester for lending me his laptop at the hotel to get 1 post out.
  19. Miah took quite some pictures during the tour huh?
  20. And as well as the others who were around. Ngek No links haha.
  21. While at the Port, Dulce Negosyante shared some words of wisdom.
  22. We arrived at Manny’s House and it was time to take a group picture and there have been quite a lot of cameras around, including Blogie’s one.
  23. I guess this is all. Hehe. I need to take a bath, eat and go to school Absent na ako half day haha.

Need to hurry now!