Oh hey lookie, two more days before this year’s elections and we’re all in turmoil.

Well, maybe not really, but then again, as of today, Comelec is still 2% short of being ready* and everyone else can be still in doubt about the flashcards – but that’s in my opinion. For all I know, all of you (well, those who are old enough to vote anyway) have gone ahead and resigned their fate: ‘Bahala na si Batman’.

To be sure, the whole country was in shock when those flashcards suddenly started to malfunction during their initial tests in the precincts and then everyone else fell into a loop called doubt – ‘is this some form of cheating?’ and ‘WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?’ might have been your reactions.

At least Comelec and its partner-in-crime Smartmatic-TIM has and is still doing their best to ensure that the very first automated election here in the RP will be a success. It’s just up to us, to those running for positions and the PCOS machine itself to make that actually happen.

Hopefully, in the end, everyone’s going to play fair and just admit to the results. That is, without screaming and pointing fingers while saying ‘It’s all YOUR fault!’ – because that line’s just for kids anyway.

(*note – Inquirer, May 8 2010: ‘Comelec: We’re 98-percent ready’)