Are you just like us – people totally addicted to the Percy Jackson & The Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series? Well, brace yourselves for the official launch that will set apart supporters of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. It’s going to be the Greeks vs the Romans, people who work best together, based on friendship against those whose beliefs and strengths are defined by their military and disciplined characters.

First off, if you’ve been going crazy about what’s gonna happen in The Mark of Athena – the third of a five book series -, make sure not to miss out the first chapter that has been publicized already.

Just a little spoiler: It’ll make you crazy even more!

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From what we know so far, Percy Jackson and Jason Grace are going to be joined by Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang as the 6-man team to head for Greece in order to close the doors of death. But… Hey! I know, there’s one more demigod missing, who will it be?

The Mark of Athena Book Cover

The Mark of Athena Book Cover

For one, it may be Annabeth, Reyna, Dakota or maybe even Nico – who knows?! It’s crazy but while majority guess that Annabeth is going to make it, I believe otherwise. Indeed, Annabeth is going to play a great role in The Mark of Athena, obviously for one, because she’s the daughter of Athena and is one of rumored to be 4 demigod whose point of view will steer you through the book – but I just don’t feel it, and I don’t see her as vital to the quest to be part of the 7.

Maybe it’s going to be someone totally new, someone they’ll meet in Greece or so. All we can do is speculate!

Greeks vs Romans confrontation

What we also guessed is that there’s going to be a fight between the Roman and Greek Camp. Well, maybe not the camps, but probably our main heroes. But of course, in a worst case scenario, I pretty much see both camps hitting at each other, but the least harmful bout that I have in mind might also be a game of Capture the Flag or so between the two sides.

The tricky part is, the cover of The Mark of Athena clearly shows Percy, the Son of Poseidon and Jason, the Son of Zeus charging at each other riding Black Jack and Tempest, respectively.

There are other things to consider as well. The icy feeling that Annabeth carried along until New Rome, like someone’s right behind her, stalking her and so on. Could be the Snow Princess who will be manipulating her? And what is the Mark of Athena? How shall she burn through Rome?

Read Mark of Athena first chapter

Yet of course, there are going to be a few more questions that will come up in your mind as you read through the first chapter of the Mark of Athena, here.

The Cover of the third book in Heroes of Olympus can be seen, here. While the official site of Greeks vs Romans can be accessed, here.