It is said that a lot of Filipinos exercise this annoying thing, blind pride, that is. I’m sure that I’m not one of them though. I am happy for this Filipino Icon who ended up victorious in the ring for yet another time, but I still keep my feet on the ground, and I really have to say that Margarito didn’t look good after the fight.

I spent time with my family at home watching the fight through the Live and Free Pacquiao Stream that I have posted in an article on the fight day. (I usually do that 4 days before the fight, but well, at least I nailed it) My Mother was a bit worried at the start of the fight, because the fight was a total mismatch in terms of height and reach of the two boxers. For a moment I even thought of Margarito being a mutated version of Pacquiao. But just with a loss less defensive ability, speed and power.

Stupidity or Bravery?

It would be a good point to argue whether the fight should have reached the 12th round or whether it should have been stopped at the tenth or the eleventh. Pacquiao thought of stopping the fight because Margarito really looked buttered in this one, but there was no stopping him in at least making it through to the final round. His reward? A Pacquiao makeover of the finest class. I can’t really pinpoint whether to cite his decision as stupidity or bravery. Like the commentator said during the fight, he, Margarito was in a situation where there has been a fine line between these two. But let’s take a look back..

Who was it again? The boxer that Pacquiao knocked out after 2 rounds? All the hype about Hatton was hammered in less than5 minutes of action in the ring… No chance for Pacman to apply a makeover, but to thoroughly embarrass his opponent who has promised to trash the Filipino Boxing Sensation before the fight.

I’d say it was brave from him to not give in to Pacquiao. But maybe he should have surrendered after the 10th or 11th round. But you must also note that whether he gave in or not, he was buttered already in one way or another and it would not have changed the outcome of the fight.

Pacquiao – Man of Steel

I noted a lot of Tweeps posting tweets like that. And indeed he was. We all know how incredible powerful Margarito’s punches can be, and yes, he has landed a few combos… but PAcquiao was just too well prepared, too hard to be cracked open, too fast and too powerful for his oversized-underpowered opponent from Mexico.

I hope to see Mayweather trashed by Pacquiao soon, that if that gay of an boxer presents himself before the boxing sensation of this generation.