Persuaded by Manny Villar’s Political Ads? Think again. Read our counter checklist to find out more about this Presidential Candidate true political platform.

I just checked out my Feed Reader and vote an very interest article posted by my fellow blogger from The said post talks about one of the Presidential Candidates who aim for the presidential seat this coming 2010 Philippine Elections.

I must say that I have never been amazed nor convinced by Villar’s platform (actually by none of the candidates so far), but I also need to say that way he’s controlling the issues and responding to questions like if he’d want to get the money back which he has put into all the campaigning ads, I’ve come to understand him, somehow and slowly, unconsciously favored him above the other candidates.

Yet the post of the said blogger friend has proven me wrong and brought me back to ground. It’s not like the anti-Villar checklist is created upon no basis. So don’t say I’m biased or bashing him. After all, I’m sharing with you a post that not I have written.

Checking Manny Villar’s Actions

  • Did he steal public money? Check!
  • Did he spend 1 billion pesos for his media ad placements and thinks of re-couping his investment later as president? Check!
  • Did he really spend millions just to get Willie Revillame’s and Dolphy’s endorsement? Check!
  • Did he caused a massive traffic jam in Laguna yesterday and felt that he does not owe us any apology? Check!

Completing Manny Villar’s Checklist

  • And, will he gain a lot, more money as President than as a Senator? Check!

You can find more on the linked post above.