Manny Pacquiao wins over Joshua Clottey by a 120-108 point difference winning every single round from start to finish. This marks yet another remarkable fight of the Philippine Boxing Sensation, yet it wasn’t really the most exciting one, and was pretty boring.

The fact that Pacquiao wins against Joshua Clottey was given weeks before it even happened for all to see. It was just a question on how fast he will kill the beast from Ghana, which never happened. Instead, Pacquiao topped the scoring consistently and degraded his competition round after round until Grand Master Clottey looked more than harmless in front of Pacquiao’s left and right. It is a decent strategy, but not really what many have been looking forward to.

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That said, to sum it up, Manny Pacquiao wins against Joshua Clottey via Unanimous Decision by a 12 point margin, 120 to 108.

I would like to thank all readers of Pinoy Teens, new and old for entrusting your boxing experience with us yet again for another Pacquiao fight. This has been the third successful coverage via Sopcast and their live stream channels that we have written about. Though, it may not have been without you that this could have become possible, without your tips and channels that you shared we’d never be able to get a working one up on time.


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Once again, in behalf of the Philippine Teens Media and Pinoy Teens Online, I’m Georg Kevin the lead here, thanking you for watching the fight with us 🙂

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