Manny Pacquiao looks to be in unbeatable form and condition right now is believed to easily defeat a confident Miguel Cotto. Read more boxing news, here.

We’re talking about two of the biggest fighters of our time. Two who are best in their respective classes are finally meeting up to spell the difference between each other. It’s the deadly Manny Pacquiao who is on a great run right now facing Miguel Cotto who has a recent statistics that suggest he’s very confident about this fight, and lax too.

Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto may end up hurting himself by challenging Manny Pacquiao

Many people are wondering, how come Miguel Cotto is willing to face the Pacman from the Philippines. He (Pacquiao)  looks to be in excellent fighting form right now, and his condition has been above the usual for weeks now, even prior the fight. Pacquiao really worked and practices hard, after neglecting boxing practices for bits of fame early on in his training campaigning for Miguel Cotto whilst Cotto has been practicing for weeks already that time.

It truly doesn’t matter if Manny Pacquiao practiced a month behind Cotto as he looks stronger than ever, and looks promising to provide yet another even more perfect performance inside the ring than what he did to Oscar and Ricky Hatton in the past.

Early speculations about a Mayweather Pacquiao in 2010

Pacquiao is indeed growing a little bit older, but that shouldn’t hinder him from excelling against his present opponent, I think, this is Pacquiao’s golden age, and he can still knock out a few boxers after Miguel Cotto, all depending on the result of this match. We could even see a Mayweather vs Pacquiao somewhere next year, but that’s not our concern right now.

We will never know if Manny Pacquiao will knock him out until we see it.

For all I care about now, is that Manny Pacquiao looks very deadly and that he will be one hard stone to put to pieces by Miguel Cotto. It could be the other way around, but we’ll never know until the twelve rounds run down or the clock stops due to someones knock out.

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We will post them up, as traditionally done so 3 days before the fight in US time.

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