In the third match between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao ended with the upper hand once more, just like in their second fight.

This time, it was a bit more intriguing and controversial… Pacquiao seemed way too overrated for my taste after all the hype that build up this fight and Marquez was entered the ring surprisingly strong.

Both fighters made it to the finish line of 12 rounds with none of them being knocked down. It was a close fight until the very end and the score cards tell us so as well. To be honest though, this was one of Pacquiao’s worst boxing fights, or maybe it’s just because Pacquiao has been a bit overrated over the past few years! He was never up to a real challenge in all of his recent fights.

Yet this time, this counterpuncher Juan Manuel Marquez has kept hold of Pacquiao until the very end.

It could have been a draw, for others Marquez was the winner… I was expecting Pacquiao to win by not more than a point at hand, if he would end up as the winner like he did.

I’m disappointed about the fight, and I know that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Marquez is accusing Pacquiao that this fight has been robbed away from him, and that the fans booing Pacquiao really support his stand… but I think otherwise in this case.

Yes, this was a underwhelming performance from Manny, no doubt, but I don’t think it were Marquez’s fans that were booing Pacquiao… but his very own fans! Like I said, it was a dismal performance from our champ, but at least it may make Gayweather think twice about facing Pacquiao now after seeing him at this “low”. 🙂 I’m sure Mayweather didn’t want to face him before this fight but now, seeing Pacquiao’s weakness he may take the risk and pursue the plans of fighting him next year May.

What are your thoughts of this very controversial and close boxing fight? Should Pacman have won it?

Update: Hindi naman siguro luto ang laban, ano lang, hindi lang siguro tayo sanay makitang may very underwhelming laban si Pacquiao.