The Manila Major Upper Bracket Quarterfinal Match between MVP Phoenix and Team Liquid was a true show of force of what the Korean Overlords have in store. MVP Phoenix outplayed Team Liquid in game 1 and edged out their European foes with an epic comeback victory in game 2 in order to sweep KuroKy’s squad 2-0 in their Main Event opener.

MVP Phoenix surprised DotA 2 fans all over the world with their surprise Riki pick. Not only that, both Riki and Lich have seen some action in the same game, something that you don’t get to see every game – or at all. Riki has also been paired with Lifestealer which enabled safe and easy ganks for MVP Phoenix despite the vision game set in place by Team Liquid’s Beastmaster Hawk.

In game 2, MVP Phoenix fell behind very early on and lost their top and bot lane. I just can’t put into words how great they have played in order to come back from such a setback and managed to Mega Creep and beat Team Liquid despite Liquid’s huge advantage all throughout the game save for the last 15 minutes when MVP Phoenix just kept on knocking on the door and taking pick off after pick off.

Next on the schedule are crowd favorites Dendi’s Natus Vincere and Miracle’s OG.