The GSL format of The Manila Major 2016 is well underway. With two groups having concluded their matches, we’ve come to see some interesting and rather unexpected turn of events in the DotA 2 scene.

Team Secret v4 – Worst TS ever?

As it stands, Team Secret will start the main event from the Lower Bracket, having lost both matches and merely grabbing 1 game in their LB match vs Wings Gaming. Notably, this has got to be Team Secret’s worst performance ever since reshuffling from time to time. However, don’t count them out yet. There’s still a little hope for Team Secret fanboys despite the fact that they will start off the main event with a BO1 Lower Bracket match.

Save for Team Secret’s abysmal performance and Natus Vincere’s stellar resurgence, everything seems to go as expected. Joining Team Secret in the Lower Bracket is Team Empire who fell short to OG in their respective LB matchup, Wings Gaming who fell short to DC in their LB matchup and compLexity who is the only team that has done worse than Puppey’s Secret.

Starting from the Upper Bracket are Newbee and OG from Group A and Natus Vincere and Digital Chaos from Group B.

Games for Group C and D are currently being played out with the home squad, Mineski facing of TI5 champions Evil Geniuses in their opening match.