Heya! I’m recovering from my sickness which I don’t know what it is.. AHaha.. And here I am again, ready to drop and to blog. I won’t be dropping entrecards at home anymore, because Smart Bro really sucks and is really really slow on multiple tabs. Unlike Globelines Broadband was.

I‘ve been posting about my flight to Manila earlier already, but anyways, I’ll repeat myself again.

I’ll be heading to Metro Manila on the 5th of September on the last flight of Air Philippines. My mission is to attend WordCamp Philippines which will be held at St Benilde on the 6th, that’s a Saturday. Besides that, I’d like to have some other fun with a couple of friends and fellow bloggers.

All that I can recall is that Byron would like to meet with me and see me, and show me around the Metro (if I recall it right). Also, I’ll be meeting a old fellow, someone who used to be close to me, Mary Kristine Rae aka Kirae. Aside from these 2 people that I’ll be meeting there, I’ve still got a lot of time vacant for fun. A whole Sunday to roam around and make my 2 1/4 stay worthwhile.

Anyone out there who still cares for an EB?