I’m proud to present to you another Featured Teen! And yes, we’ll be doing this more often and soon send out a public survey for applicants for Featured Teen on Teen Philippines. But let’s set aside those things and proceed to our Featured Teen from Leyte, Philippines.

Liwayway Macatimpag is 19 year old Filipina who is proud of being a Pinay Teen. She’s single (good news para sa mga guys toh haha) and is a third year student taking up BSIT in ACLC College of Tacloban.

Her special day is the 27th of September.

Funny facts about this girl that I want to share with you are some of the things that she is doing most of the time:

  • Chatting
  • Eating
  • Studying
  • Browsing
  • Friendster and
  • Talking

I wonder how she manages all of these things that she does most of the time with studying? I myself couldn’t do that.

I know Liwayway since I plurked about looking for someone who could be a blog author on my blog or be aLiwayway the Featured Teen featured teen, I don’t know which of the two; but all I know that she is a pretty girl with a good character 🙂 One thing that makes her proud of being Filipina is that “Filipinos can speal various dialects..”

She used to have no favorite subjects among all the subjects she is taking on in College, but prefers the word like instead of favorite. (stupid question, I wonder if there’s anyone who has a favorite subject, XD)

After all, there’s always a catch and let me enlist a few things that she does scarcely or not at all:

  • Skype
  • gTalk
  • Facebook
  • Sending Emails

So, the best way to keep in touch with this girl would be via her friendster or chat I.D, which we unfortunately can’t post here for you withour her consent. 🙂

What can you say about this girl?