I know. We’re a bit late in posting this information, since it’s been well over a week when it happened. But I just can’t get it out of my mind right now. Instead of starting bashing her, which she greatly deserves for the scripted act on national television, I’ll leave you with a link to an article of a fellow Filipino blogger who also felt, well, annoyed by Kris Aquino’s drama.

But before I proceed leading you offsite. Guess, let me share you a few words about the issue from my standpoint.

Kris Aquino on The Buzz, promoting her Family AND Noy

Only a blind and deaf person would not notice that her purpose for crying on National Television was just for the sake to get the sympathy of the people watching. That, to make them favor Noy among other Presidential Candidates – of whom Dick Gordon is our bet.

If Kris herself, can’t act properly and control herself on television, how would you think would this affect Noynoy once he’s seated as the next President? Noynoy is really looking like a pet being controlled by the people around him, and I won’t be wondering if Kris would interfere there too.

I remember watching TV Patrol a few days back. They were talking about the remaining airtime each candidate had for their television ads on national tv stations. Noy said something like his promotional/campaign team is going to sort things out to make his ads be very effectively distributed to the public to promote their cause. Oh, see, he just can’t handle anything alone.

But now, before I continue with the bashing of the Aquino’s, here’s the link to the full article written by a fellow blogger from the Philippines!

Read on.

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