If you’re a Dabawenyo, or even if you’re a tourist headed to Davao City for the Kadayawan Festivities, make sure to pay The Apo View Hotel a visit.

Sure, not all Dabawenyos have stayed at the Hotel. But most, if not all Dabawenyos are aware of its presence right in the heart of Metro Davao.

The over 60 years old Apo View Hotel is sure to make you feel its presence even more so during this years Kadayawan Festival.

Take part in The 4th Kadayawan Fiesta 2011 at Apo View Hotel!

The Apo View Hotel

The Apo View Hotel

The Kadayawan Fiesta 2011 at Apo View Hotel is an about 2 week long affair running from August 8 to August 21. During this time span, you’re free to enjoy the fire dances, various paintings in the lobby and the Kadayawan Bazaar. Not to mention the delicious food at Entree.

Entree will also be serving local delicacies within the 13 days for locals and tourists to enjoy.

So, if you’ve got some time to burn or are looking for a place to enjoy Kadayawan 2011, make sure you’ll leave some time for your Apo View Hotel visit. The festivities are open not only to guests of the hotel but to everyone who wants to witness Kadayawan Fiesta 2011 at the Apo View.

Photos courtesy of: DavaoBase.Com